Washcloth Bunny Easter Gift Idea

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This Bunny washcloth is a wonderful little idea to make for Easter! It is so easy to make and is super cute!

It is also likely that you have everything you need at home already! It is a lovely simple idea, especially if you are considering making bunnies for the entire family, or for a class of children!

Washcloth bunny materials:

  • Washcloth/facecloth, in a square shape. Something like this…
  • Ribbon – you can use fabric or paper ribbon
  • Elastic bands – this helps to secure the bunny in place before tying the ribbon
  • You can add a pom pom tail and would need a few little pom poms

You could also choose to add eyes and a nose and whiskers, however, we left these off as we wanted to keep the washcloth as glue-free as possible as they make such great gifts that people can actually use.

How to make your own washcloth bunny:

The best way to explain is with pictures, so I have included this easy 1-2-3 step photo:

  1. Roll up the washcloth diagonally
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Using elastic bands tie your bunny in two places, this ensures full distinguishable ears, body and tail.

Add ribbon over the elastic bands and stick on a pom pom tail. Use the smallest amount of glue possible so you do not damage the washcloth.

We used paper ribbons and gave them a little curl!

Our bunnies are ready to hop hop hop!

They hopped right into the garden to hide!

washcloth Easter bunny - Easy Easter Gift

Here are some other ideas we think you may enjoy:

Make your own fabric Easter Bunny bag – this can be made without a sewing machine.

Handprint Easter bunnies – these are the cutest bunnies in town!

Spin art Easter tree – all you need is a salad spinner for this one!

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