Watermelon Rind Rainbow Printing

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Watermelon rainbow printing is so much fun!

And oh! How we love this wonderful delicious fruit!

Watermelon lollies are amongst our favourite summer snack ideas!

If you have a toddler or preschool child in the house, cut a big piece of watermelon and give them a spoon! They will spend literally 30 minutes digging it out and easting the tasty rewards!

watermelon rainbow printing

We have done this activity a few times, the first was when Emma was only little, you can see her here at about 3 years.

She loved it as much six years on!

Watermelon rainbow printing materials:

You need a few very simple things to create these beautiful rainbows;

How to print your rainbows:

First, cut your watermelon pieces. I cut the watermelon into rounds and then cut those rounds in half.

I then scooped out all the delicious watermelon and make sure I had clean half-circles left.

Put the rinds onto kitchen towel to dry.

Get out your rainbow paints, and you are now ready to print your rainbows!

We painted the paint onto the watermelon pieces and then printed onto paper.

And the result – lovely rainbow prints!

Hope you give it a try! If you do we would love to see the results!

Here are some other ideas I think you may enjoy;

We love watermelons! We have made Hama Bead Watermelon Coasters – a perfect craft activity that makes for good small motor skills practice – plus… they make great gifts!

Puffy Paint is also the PERFECT material to PAINT WATERMELONS!! If you have a toddler/preschool child in the house – this ‘Watermelon and a Spoon’ is a great way to eat and dig…

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