Whisking Bubbles – Kids Play Activity

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THIS my friends is the definition of simplicity and fun!

Sometimes we tend to complicate things – and to be honest most of the time the best toysthe best learningthe MOST FUN is had with the kitchen cupboard and things we find outside!

I have spent many many hours creating activity for my two explorers – and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and other times THEY ROCK!!!


Whisking Bubbles - Summer Garden Fun

So what do you need for 2 hours of soapy suds?

  • Big container – I have a zillion of these things to store toys in!
  • Whisks
  • Dish Soap
  • Optional – food coloring
  • Optional scented oils – for this I used a summer melon essential oil

I used food coloring and scent because I was trying to be fancy – and yes, the water was yellow and the smell was nice, but next time I’d leave it out – it’s not necessary – nice, but not necessary!! Whisking bubbles is enough!

making bubbles in the summer

After I had squirted in about a third of a cup dishwashing liquid – a biiiiig squirt, I filled the plastic container up with water.

You want to try and find a container that is wide, so the child can whisk well (and all over the place)  – a small space or bucket will restrict this whisking frenzy!!

Making bubbles in the garden

This is what it looked like after the water had been added!

Be careful not to go overboard with the hosepipe or tap – this already starts making some bubbles! Bubbles need to be made with hard work and whisking!!!

whisking bubbles

And belive me when I tell you – this is arm burning stuff!!

Great arm and hand strengthening activity! (great workout for you!!!)

Whisking and whisking and whisking eventually produces bubbles right up to the top!

See if you can do it!

Whisking bubbles in the garden - summer time fun

I was not lying when I said simple!

I was also not exaggerating when I said FUN!!

My two whisked the container full of bubbles a few times!!

When it was full they dressed themselves in bubble pants and bubble hats and bubble just about everything!!!

Whisking Bubbles in the Garden

Then they started making bubble soup…

and bubble cakes…

and bubble biscuits…

making bubble cakes

Two hours later they finally tired, they were shining clean!

We washed off the soap suds and made sure the dish soap was all gone!

Looking for activities to improve handwriting – this is a great one! Starting with strong core muscles and strong hands and arms is the way to begin!!! It is also just a ton of fun!!!!

Next we make meringues!!

Summer Time Fun - whisking bubbles in the garden - this is a great activity for kids

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